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The Company

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be India’s most comprehensive discovery portal for alternate therapies and healing experts. The portal brings Therapists, Alternative healing Doctors, Yoga instructors and Studios offering a multitude of alternate healing techniques directly to the seeker in an intuitive and simplistic fashion.

The days of groping blindly in a jungle of unorganised information, thanks to Ancient Wisdom, are now history.

Our Philosophy

The ancient science of Alternate and Natural healing give equal importance to body, mind and soul. The main objective is to find ways to create a perfect balance. We, at Ancient Wisdom, believe that there is an urgent need to create a universe where the seeker can connect to the alternate healer as easily as he can to the local hospital.

The plenitude of knowledge from our ancient medicine techniques such as Yoga Therapy, Reiki Healing, Ayurveda and Naturopathy provides the participant with a holistic approach to wellness.

Message from the Founder