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  • Become One with Nature
  • Achieve
    Inner Peace
  • Optimum Health – the Yoga way
  • The Healing Touch of Reiki

What is Health?

Swasthya (स्वास्थ्य) in Sanskrit means peace, satisfaction and comfort, best described as Health. According to WHO, the state of health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

What is Yoga...?


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YTT200 Yoga Teacher Trainer Course

Time: AM to PM
Place: Bangalore, Karnataka



YTT100 Yoga Instructor Training Course

Time: AM
Place: Bangalore, Karnataka

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Our Yoga Retreats

6 Apr 2019

Retreat @ Yoga & Sea Diving Adventure

Time: 600 PM
Place: Goa

31 Jan 2019

Retreat @ Karapuzha lake Wayanad

Time: 600 AM
Place: Karapuzha Lake Wayanad


what our clients say

“I have had the Yoga therapy sessions and got rid of the joint pains I used to have due to Arthritis. It has helped me recover out of daily pains and be able to manage my life better. I am now a member of the family and benefit for year round counselling and guidance from the organization. I highly recommend you to try and experience session with them and get committed for your own health.”
Amina Kouser / Tech Support
“Yoga therapy and diet control has helped to understand the mind over matter relationship. I now not only have a daily regime that helps me to control my weight as well as eat clean to maintain my long term health. By being in touch with Ancient Wisdom I am able to get regular counselling and guidance, understand various postures that I need and the ones I do not need. I also follow Kriyas prescribed to me that are simple in nature. ”
Ajith / SEO
“Yoga therapy has helped me to get a real good night sleep which sometimes used be a rarity. I am able to work better as a result and perform much better as I am rested well. I recommend a session to anyone and everyone and then decide for yourself.”
Sharmila / CEO
“I was experiencing high blood pressure for some time and was under medication. I lost hope to ever reduce or remove medication out of my life. Ever since, I discussed my case with the therapist and made a decision to take control of my life and understood the simple daily routine laid out for me, I feel much better and have better control on elevated blood pressure. It not only changed my physical health but also changed the way I manage events and control the outcome.”
Prakash / HR Manager
“Ancient wisdom is surrounded by experts in various fields and with a desire to help. The company has provided simple, practical and economical food preparation tips with recipes that uses optimum fats and a combination of healthy ingredients without sacrificing the taste. I suggest you subscribing to their You Tube Channel and benefit from them. ”
Manoj / CA
“I had an opportunity to experience the effects of Reiki by one of their practitioners. I had sever shoulder pain due to long working hours on computers. After a session of one hour, I was able to move by shoulder and the pain just vanished magically. I did not have to pop any pill and heal in natural way. I encourage you to explore ways to get rid of your pain without ingesting any medicine and heal in the way nature always meant you to live.”
Mamatha / Director
“I used to have severe back pain while running my daily life. I consulted Ancient Wisdom and after a therapy session with them for 2 weeks, I was able to bend more and not get pain in the usual way I use to get. I am able to pick up light weights and carry on with my life. I am certain given some more time, I will improve further and be able to carry even small children as I used to.”
Mithun / Network Engineer